Waterproofing Contractor in Wauconda, IL


Gonzalez Waterproofing & Contractor has been providing excellent waterproofing and excavation services to our clients in Wauconda, IL for many years. Our experienced waterproofing company will always find the most efficient solution in order to have your home or business dry and keep water out of your building.

A waterproofing contractor can inspect your home's basement or foundation for aspects that can be improved. By preemptively waterproofing your basement or other parts of your home, you can help prevent future water damage from floods, heavy snow, and more. We always use top of the line waterproofing technology in order to guarantee the best results. During our inspections we diagnose your home's waterproofing needs and customize a design in order to help you resolve the issue. As the base support of your home throughout all the seasons, basement waterproofing becomes is a must when ensuring the longevity of your house.

Gonzalez Waterproofing & Contractor can provide professional concrete work for any foundations or hardscapes that you would like to install. We also specialize in quality drainage tile, which is a simple but effective method of directing water away from your home's foundation. Call us for a quality custom deck builder as well!

Not only are we certified in waterproofing but we will use the best quality products while staying within your budget. If you’re suffering from any leak and need Gonzalez Waterproofing & Contractor’s waterproofing service, contact us today in Wauconda, IL!

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